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Adele Jones Does it Again in Her Sequel: Replicate

Adele Jones Does it Again in Her Sequel: Replicate


Is it life-saving research or a devious attempt to salvage a failing institute?

Suspecting the embryonic cloning has breached ethics agreements, Blaine Colton soon discovers truth comes at a high price.

“Blaine, now an 18 year-old man, is juggling with the discovery of who he was, is and what will become of him. The reader is taken along an amazing journey as he reaps the rewards and lows of scientific achievement, human greed and the pulls of friends and family,” said Wendy Szabo, special education teacher.

“Author Adele Jones is on a winner here with a wonderful combination of scientific advancement, suspense and action interwoven with ethics and the basic forces of life. Highly recommended.”

In this sequel to the award-winning, Integrate, the appearance of an identity from Blaine’s past sees him questioning everything he knows of his life.

“Blaine’s ‘messed up DNA’ ensures he has to deal with more than the usual problems of negotiating maturing and changing relationships associated with emerging adulthood,’ said retired teacher, psychologist and academic, Majella Albion, PhD.

A keen observer of human behaviour, Majella added, “On a different level, the story also deals with complex ethical issues around genetic research, and explores Blaine’s moral conflict as he sees how the research might actually benefit him in the future. Another gripping tale from this award winning author.”

With help from close friends Sophie and Jett Faraday, Blaine begins putting the pieces together. Then tragedy fractures his world. Uncovering a link to these events and the embryonic cloning, he seeks justice—whatever the cost.

“Friendship and a sense of self-worth are vital for each of us, especially as a young adult. Blaine draws value from meaningful relationships with his peers, even as he continues to wrestle conflicting views on life, faith, ethics and identity,” said author, Adele. “He also learns just how unpredictable life can be.”

Australian author, Adele Jones writes young-adult and historical novels, poetry and short works. Her first YA novel Integrate was awarded the 2013 CALEB Prize for unpublished manuscript. Her writing is inspired by a passion for family, faith, friends, music and science—and her broad-ranging imaging.

Replicate is available in all good bookstores or online at rhizapress.com.au.

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