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Got it Covered

Have you ever wondered what goes on at a cover shoot? How do publishers choose the covers for books? Adele Jones tells us about how it all went down with her latest book, Activate.

 Dark alleys and night-time trysts don’t always ring with appeal, but for the Activate cover shoot, this was a perfect combination. Just add the necessary ingredients …

Check 1: Photographer + camera & the necessary lenses etc

Check 2: Cover Model Simon (+ his gorgeous wife)

Check 3: A variety of jackets to complement the character’s fashion basics

Check 4: Additional lighting + filters

Check 5: Hair styling products

Check 6: A range of enlarged image printouts representing the feel/look being targeted

Check 7: Annoying and opinionated author + a loose cover brief + imagined ideal of the final result

 And it was all systems go – hair styling, testing different locations, checking lighting, trialling various looks and jackets.

Stand here; try this pose; turn your head; eyes to the camera; try a neutral expression; what about semi-squatting against the wall? (Poor legs – good thing our cover model is fit!)

Here are some of the results: (Photo credits: Jo Thomae, Stormgirlphotography)




Then over to the Rhiza cover team for the photo selection and reworking

Image editing, including cropping, colour adjustments & effects (i.e. all the fancy bits).

The result?


What do you think? What does this cover say to you? (About the character, the book, the genre?)

Drop on over to Rhiza’s FB page to have your say.

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