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John Wesley - the Man and his Message


by David Malcolm Bennett

Many books have been written about John Wesley, the man who founded the Methodist Church in the 1700s, but while researching his latest book, David Malcolm Bennett looked for something new.

His search became John Wesley: The Man, his Mission and his Message. In its pages David tells the remarkable story not just of Wesley’s dedicated preaching and effective work, but also of his relationship with his brother Charles, his unfortunate love life, and allows Wesley’s acute sense of humour to shine.

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, was a key figure in the Evangelical Revival of the 18th century. Throughout his life massive crowds came to hear him preach and thousands of ordinary people joined him in his mission to take Jesus Christ to the world. 

Unlike many biographies, this book is written in a fiction-like style to make it an enthralling and dramatic read.

“John Wesley is fascinating and what he did was amazing,” said David. “His life is a story that can inspire all of us.”   

David Malcolm Bennett is known for thorough and painstaking research and for presenting the results in an easy-to-read form. He has written two biographies of William Booth: The General: William Booth (two volumes) and William Booth and his Salvation Army, and also a book on cricketer CT Studd, entitled From Ashes to Glory.

Other books he has penned include The Altar Call: Its Origins and Present Usage, his M.Th thesis (awarded with merit), and its companion volume The Sinner’s Prayer: Its Origins and Dangers. In addition, he has researched and published The Origins of Left Behind Eschatology, his Ph.D dissertation, which examined the origins of the ideas behind the Left Behind books, and Edward Irving: The Man, his Controversies and the Pentecostal Movement

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