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New Award-Winning Titles Lined up for 2016

New Award-Winning Titles Lined up for 2016

C.T. Wells


The Kingdom of the Air

Las Vegas, Nevada: October 10, 2015. In a crowded conference center at the Tuscany Resort and Casino, Dirk Cussler announced the winner of the 2015 Adventure Writer's Competition. "I'd like to offer my personal congratulations to the finalists. I know from prior competitions that there is a very thin line between the top finalists and the winner," said Mr. Cussler. With those words he opened the envelope. "And the winner of the 2015 Adventure Writer's Competition is...The Kingdom of the Air by C.T. Wells!"

Rhiza Press enthusiatically congratulates our new author C.T. Wells for taking out 2015 Adventure Writer's Competition. His award-winning book The Kingdom of the Air will be released by Rhiza Press early 2016. Check out the blurb: 

1940. The Battle of Britain has begun.

A young Messerschmitt pilot is shot down over Dartmoor. He tries to evade a manhunt, knowing that if he is captured by the British, his war will be over. But when Josef Schafer falls into the hands of a sinister agent of the Special Operations Executive, his troubles have only begun. He is returned to occupied France having made an impossible deal with the British.

As the air war escalates, Josef is in danger in the sky and on the ground. His allegiances are tested as he is torn between loyalty to his Luftwaffe comrades and a French woman whom he is compelled to serve.

The stakes are high. Whoever controls the sky above the English Channel will decide the fate of nations.

Adventure Writer's Competition director Peter Greene said after the ceremony "Congratulations to C.T. on a fantastic book. This is a tough competition with many strong entries. They all were different, and all had a unique take on the genre of adventure writing. There were some fantastic authors and during the judging, the top spots moved about often. In the end, our champ was C.T. Wells! Well deserved."

Read the full article here: http://www.adventurewriterscompetition.com/ 

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