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New Historical Book Soars Off the Page

The Kingdom of the Air
by C.T. Wells
The stakes are high.
Whoever controls the sky above the English Channel
will decide the fate of nations.
Winner of the 2014 Caleb Award for unpublished manuscript
Winner of the 2015 Clive Cussler Adventure Writers’ Competition
1940. The Battle of Britain has begun.
A young Messerschmitt pilot is shot down over Dartmoor. He tries to evade a manhunt, knowing that if he falls into British hands, his war will be over. But when Josef Schafer encounters a sinister agent of the emerging Special Operations Executive, his troubles have only begun. He is returned to occupied France having made an impossible deal with the British.As the air war escalates, Josef is in danger in the sky and on the land. His allegiances are tested as he is torn between loyalty to his Luftwaffe comrades and a French woman whom he is compelled to serve.
Acclaim for The Kingdom of the Air:
"From the fiery first chapter, through the high-stakes excitement of electrifying air combat, twisting spy plots and the dark domain of the WW2 French Resistance, C.T. Wells takes you on a sky-high thrill-ride that never lets you down. Great characters and a historically-based story, The Kingdom of the Air is an amazing read; superbly written, it soars from page to page, from impossible, heart-wrenching situations to a surprising climax. Adventure fans and history buffs will revel in this recreation of one of the darkest times in world history. C.T. Wells delivers!” - Peter Greene, Director of The Adventure Writer’s Competition
TheKingdomoftheAir es
Available in paperback and ebook
from April 1st
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