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New Release: Mortal Insight

New Release: Mortal Insight

When your life is at stake, are some truths worth bringing out into the open?

Mortal Insight, the first title by E.B. James is a gripping crime drama that will have you flipping pages to follow the insidious work of chemical additive, TDB. Detective Steve Keller has uncovered a dangerous side-effect, but the more he tries to find out further information, the more he hits opposition, and then danger.

Though not this author's first novel, Mortal Insight is the first under this pen name and in this genre. A popular author in her usual genre, James hopes to engage new readers with this political crime conspiracy, addressing legal, political and social issues.

"The overwhelming tide of sexualisation in our culture has been an increasing concern for many people for many years, ranging from the use of sex in advertising through to hard core porn. TDB is my metaphor for this deep social phenomenon," said James.

Mortal Insight follows Steve Keller's investigation into a little known chemical additive called Tanordebetian or TDB. The main problem is, Steve's information about a dangerous side-effect has come through a vision, and that is not something he can tell anyone about.

His main ally is the enthusiastic social reformer, Dorothy Kent, whose big claim to fame is the ridicule she regularly receives as being a kook. If it weren't for the belief that TDB is likely to have a serious effect on sexual crime, Steve would abandon the project altogether, but his own experience tells him it is real and must be investigated. Together they battle against a tide of opposition, until they hit upon something that sees one man dead and death threats against their family. The trouble is, they don't know how deep it goes.

E.B. James has been in the published market since 1997 and this is her sixteenth title, though the first under this pen name. Due to a great response in Australia, some of her previous titles have successfully been introduced into the UK and US markets.

Mortal Insight is available in all good bookstores or buy online now.

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