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New release: Too Pretty

New release: Too Pretty

Too Pretty has just been released and you can win a copy!

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Pretty Girls Have Problems Too

Being beautiful isn’t as easy as people think, Ellie Paxton’s stunning looks not only attract judgment and criticism, they also cause breakups with boyfriends who aren’t interested in the real Ellie, just the external one. Too Pretty, by inspirational romance author Andrea Grigg, is a story of faith, love and self-discovery.

‘In a world where importance is placed on fame, fortune, and beauty, being blessed with these qualities should make life easy. Or so we think,’ says Eloise Whyte of Soul Inspirationz, a website dedicated to the promotion of quality Christian fiction. ‘Too Pretty takes us behind the scenes, showing us that such qualities don’t necessarily make life easier – just more complicated, and how having good character is far more attractive and of great worth.’

Ellie always feels on the outer. So does the darkly handsome Nathaniel, for reasons of his own. Both are determined to avoid a relationship, but when they keep bumping into each other their attraction escalates. And then Ellie makes an impulsive decision which may jeopardise everything.

‘How often do we think the beautiful people have it easy?’ asks the author, Andrea Grigg. ‘Writing this story has made me think outside the box and given me a new appreciation of how life can be difficult for those who seemingly have it all. I hope Ellie’s story will help young women (and not-so-young) realise that each of them is unique and precious to God no matter what they look like, and that even though you love someone, your relationship needs work in order to succeed.’

Andrea is a former primary school teacher who lives with her husband on Queensland’s Gold Coast where they have raised their three children. Having been a musician all her life, Andrea received a pleasant shock when writing took over as her number one passion. Andrea’s first inspirational romance, A Simple Mistake, was published in 2012. It was also a finalist in the 2012 CALEB Awards.

Too Pretty is available in all good bookstores or buy online now.

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Guest - Melissa Wray on Wednesday, 20 August 2014 14:12

It's been great learning more about Andrea and this new release sounds like a terrific read!

It's been great learning more about Andrea and this new release sounds like a terrific read!