Replicatesmallby Adele Jones

Blaine Colton is pulled into a chilling conspiracy when he discovers embryonic clones with his name on them.
Convinced the research has breached ethics agreements, he brings close friends, Sophie and Jett Faraday, in on a scheme to find answers. Immediate threats reveal not everyone is happy about his discovery. The reappearance of an identity from Blaine’s past unsettles him further, and then a crisis fractures his world. Convinced his research objections and the tragic events are linked, Blaine pursues justice. But someone is watching him. Someone wants him dead. 
Replicate continues the story of Blaine from Adele Jones’s Integrate.

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Trade Paperback
Release: 1st October 2015
ISBN: 9781925139570
Price: $17.99

Release: 1st October 2015
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ePub ISBN: 9781925139594