BennettDavidsmallDavid Malcolm Bennett is a Christian researcher and writer based in Brisbane who has the gift of doing quality historical research and presenting it in a readable form. His books include The Altar Call: Its Origins and Present Usage (his MTh thesis, awarded with merit) in 2000; The Origins of Left Behind Eschatology (his PhD thesis) in 2010; and Edward Irving Reconsidered, published by Wipf and Stock in 2014.

He is the author of John Wesley: The Man, his Mission and his Message; The Sinner's Prayer: Its Origins and Dangers; From Ashes to Glory, a biography on missionary and cricketer CT Studd; Charles Haddon Spurgeon Revisited; and William Booth and his Salvation Army. He is the editor of The Letters of William and Catherine Booth of the Salvation Army and of The Diary and Reminiscences of Catherine Booth.

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