charlesspurgeonsmallby David Malcolm Bennett

Charles Haddon Spurgeon Revisited: A Dramatic Biography gives a private and exciting insight into the Prince of Preachers’ life.

While some Spurgeon biographies of similar scope are just factual, this one paints the excitement of Spurgeon’s life in full colour. It is written in a vivid style, with plenty of action and interaction, similar to David Malcolm Bennett’s From Ashes to Glory and William Booth and his Salvation Army.

The biography covers Spurgeon’s rapid rise to fame, the horror of the Surrey Gardens tragedy, his romance, his struggles, his controversies and how he impacted his generation as well as our own age. In this biography, both the man and his ministry are captured.





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Release: 1st February 2016
ISBN: 978-1925139693
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Release: 1st February 2016
Kindle ISBN: 978-1925139709
Epub ISBN: 978-1925139716